Del Mundo with Lucas Monge – April 2021

Our Del Mundo tasting in April was a premium European tasting with Lucas. The wines we indulged in were:

  • Terra Serena Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut – Italian
  • Tonon Prosecco Conegliano Vablobbiadene Extra Dry DOCG – Italian
  • 2017 Great Five Pinotage Reserve – South African – first released in 1945
  • 2010 Camilo de Lellis Biferno Montepulciano/Aglianico Trebbiaio DOCG – Italian
  • 2016 Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG – Italian
  • 2012 Estola Gran reserve Tempranillo Cabernet – Spanish
  • 2008 Faustino First Tempranillo – Spanish
Del Mundo Wines - April 2021
Del Mundo Wines – April 2021

Lucas’s presentation was lively and informative, and many attendees were surprised to learn that in Italy and Spain there are strict rules around what can be labelled reserve. Requirements vary on a regional basis, though essentially, they have to have an extended period in both the barrel and the bottle before being released.

Typically, wines at the higher end of the spectrum are aged for many years. While Chianti has to be aged for a minimum of two years, Amarone, which we tasted on the night, can only be released after four years. A grand reserve has even more stringent requirements. For a Spanish wine to be labelled as a Gran Reserva, the law requires that it be aged for a minimum of five years, with two of those years in an oak cask or barrel.

Other tidbits we picked up during the evening:

  • Del Mondo means ‘of the world’
  • Prosecco means ‘path through the woods’
  • In 2009, Italy Prosecco was recognised as a geographical indication (GI) by Italian law (in the same vein as Champagne in France) and the Prosecco grape variety was renamed Glera
  • Tempranillo was first planted in the year 800, given Royal assent in 1100
  • Tempranillo is also the world’s third-largest crop
  • The Great Five Pinotage Reserve was first released in 1945
  • The opportunity to try labels we were unfamiliar with made for an interesting time and the Faustino, which normally retails for $105, was a special treat.

Note from Editor

A big thanks to all Club members for mucking in and helping set up the tables & chairs, etc for our last tasting. The JCC has explained that the Fijian group present when we arrived had got their dates mixed up for their bookings and they (JCC) have given us a rent-free evening for our troubles.

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Hawkes Ridge Wines, March 2021

Hawkes Ridge owner & winemaker Douglas Haynes with a small range of his wines.
Hawkes Ridge owner & winemaker Douglas Haynes with a small range of his wines.

Douglas Haynes with the assistance of Anne Boustead presented a well-received tasting last month and a great turnout. This was an exciting evening, with some very different expressions of wine varieties on hand to taste. Interestingly this vineyard also has its own brand of olive oil.
Hawkes Ridge Wine Estate is a family-owned, boutique winery located in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The wines we tasted were:

  • Cest Beau Rose: The introductory wine. This was a non-vintage Viognier base
    with both Tempranillo and Semillon that was late harvested in the Moscato
  • Deux Blanco 218: A Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon 50/50 blend that was entirely
    barrel fermented where the grapes were picked early
  • Viognier 2020 was also completely barrel-fermented. Viognier is Douglas
    passion and this Viognier did not disappoint.
  • Rosado 2020 is a 100% Tempranillo rose being entirely stainless steel fermented and aged. This wine was one of the highlight wines of the evening.
  • Pinot Noir 2014 was a surprise wine from Hawkes Bay with an interesting
    back story. The wine was aged in French oak for 10 months and just bottled
    before Christmas 2020
  • Syrah 2014 had classic Syrah characteristics of dark berry fruits with coffee,
    chocolate and subtle spice
  • Grand Reserve Tempranillo 2015: This is Hawkes Ridge Winery’s premium
    wine. It was another highlight of the evening. The wine was only bottled in 2018 and should cellar well
  • Late Harvest Viognier 2016 is one of three late harvest/noble wines that Hawkes Ridge Winery produce. This wine was bottled in 2018 and although very rich, it was true to Viognier’s varietal characteristics.

Thank you to everyone who supported Hawk Ridge by ordering wines, as well as their olive oil which was on the order form, albeit not tasted. This meeting was great to start our tasting year.

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‘It hurts’: 50,000 litres of wine flood Spanish winery

NZ Herald | 28 Sep 2020

50,000 litres of wine spilt from a tank at a Spanish winery. Video / RadioAlbacete

A viral video has shown the moment a massive tank of red wine exploded, flooding a Spanish winery with 50,000 litres of booze.

Footage showed the wine spraying out of a tall metal vat at the Bodegas Vitivinos winery in Villamalea in Albacete in central Spain, flooding the nearby area.

As torrents of vino pour from the tank, the surrounding pebbled area was soaked in what could have been a delicious Spanish drop. The wine flowed out around tractors and cars, and into a nearby field.
According to local reports, the spill was caused by a break in one of the tanks.

The spill was reportedly caused by a break in one of the tanks. Photo / Supplied
The spill was reportedly caused by a break in one of the tanks. Photo / Supplied

Bodegas Vitivinos was founded in 1969 and produces up to six million kilos of grapes a year. The winery uses grape varieties including bobal and tempranillo to create a an “intense dark cherry colour”, according to their website.

A video of the spill went viral on Twitter and has been viewed more than 8.2 million times.

Numerous commenters compared the video to the haunting scene in Stanley Kubrick’s thriller The Shining, where blood flows from the elevator doors.

Others simply thought it was a tragic scene.

“I see it and it hurts,” one person commented on the post.

“What else do you want from us 2020,” another asked. “And how does anyone go with a bucket, glass, whatever.”

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Glancing Back – Yealands Tasting – June 2012

violet-sparkling-sauvignon-blancGreg Forward from Yealands was to be the presenter for this meeting but he had not recovered from jet-lag. Despite this Mitch Howard with able support from Melissa Carr carried the day with a range of 7 wines presented.

The wines included the:

  • Violet Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Gris 2011
  • Yealands Estate Gruner Veltliner 2011
  • Sauvignon Blanc 2011
  • Pinot Noir 2010
  • Merlot 2011
  • Yealands Estate Tempranillo 2010.

An interesting collection which resulted in a mixture of responses.

The Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc was a pleasant surprise but there was a feeling that some of the wines lacked a little grunt and would benefit from a little more bottle time. Also Mitch’s association has been with Crossroads (recently taken over by Yealands) and he may not have been as familiar with some of the varieties. We wondered if they might have incorporated one or two wines from the Crossroads brand just for comparison.

Yealands Tasting – Next Event, June 2012


Date: Wednesday13 June, 2012

Time: 7.45 for 8pm

Venue: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall. How to get here.

Members: $10, Guests: $10

Presenter: Greg Forward, Regional Manager

For the evening Greg will be accompanied by Mitch Howard – Business Development Manager based in HB, and Melissa Carr – Business Development Manager based in Wgtn. We are hoping for a great turnout. Greg is only back in NZ for a day after six weeks in Europe so we very much appreciate his effort in presenting to the Club. We hope that members will respond by placing orders with Yealands, who we understand will be offering good discounted prices.

The wines to be presented include:

  • Peter Yealands Violet Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc (quaffer)
  • Peter Yealands Pinot Gris 2011
  • Yealands Estate Gruner Veltliner 2011
  • Peter Yealands Sauvignon Blanc 2011
  • Peter Yealands Pinot Noir 2010
  • Peter Yealands Merlot 2011
  • Yealands Estate Tempranillo 2010

For those interested the Peter Yealands story has now become available in print.

With a career spanning 50 years, and across multiple industries, Peter Yealands could be described as one of New Zealand’s most successful entrepreneurs. The story of his life and business endeavours has been captured in a new book. A bloke for all seasons: The Peter Yealands Story is written by first-time Marlborough author Tom Percy.


Brown Brothers – Bernie Atkins

Glancing back Brown Brothers with Bernie Atkins

What a night, a great turn out of members and guests. The wines were varied and not all hit the mark with members’ but there was general agreement that the higher quality wines were excellent.

The evening demonstrated the Brown Brothers philosophy of producing a comprehensive range of wine styles and blends, with many being somewhat experimental and innovative.

The wines tasted were:

  • Zibibbo Rosa – a low-alcohol sparkling pink wine
  • Prosecco
  • Pinot Griggio
  • Tempranillo
  • Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dolcetto & Syrah
  • Moscato
  • wrapped up with a Tawny Port and cheese.

Clearly the flagship “Patricia” Cabernet Sauvignon was the highlight of the evening, enhanced by early exposure to the air through being decanted at the start of the evening. An enjoyable tasting, a near record turnout, and a great evening for those attending.

Brown Brothers Tasting – Next event, April 2012


Date: Wednesday 11 April, 2012

Time: 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm

Venue: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall. How to get here.

Presenter: Bernie Atkins, Central Representative

Members: $12, Guests: $16

Brown Brothers believe that wines are as different as the people who drink them which is why they have developed such a comprehensive range of wine styles and blends. Read on…

In 1885 John Francis Brown, aged 18, planted 10 acres of mostly Riesling, Muscat and Shiraz grapes on the Milawa property that the family had purchased in a land auction back in 1857. Located in the lower reaches of the King Valley in North East Victoria, the Milawa Vineyard is the birth place of the Brown Brothers company. The Milawa Vineyard has become the fruit source for renowned wines such as Patricia Noble Riesling, Shiraz Mondeuse & Cabernet and Dolcetto, and is the home to Brown Brothers’ winemaking facilities.

Brown Brothers believe that wines are as different as the people who drink them which is why they have developed such a comprehensive range of wine styles and blends. With vineyards located in a diverse range of climatic regions and a ‘kindergarten’ winery specifically designed for innovation, you can be sure there’s an exceptional Brown Brothers wine to suit every palate.

Bernie will be presenting the following wines from their extensive range:

Quaffer: Zibibbo Rosa – a low-alcohol sparkling pink wine.

  1. Prosecco
  2. Pinot Griggio (this will be a nice contrast to the Pinot Gris we have been tasting)
  3. Tempranillo
  4. Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon ( this will be the highlight of the evening)
  5. Dolcetto & Syrah
  6. Moscato
  7. Tawny Port

Let’s sit back and enjoy a presentation on wines produced by an iconic Australian wine producer.