Looking Forward – Nov 2014 – Advintage

advintage-logo-headerBlush, bubbles & stickies – Advintage

We will have John Macpherson (Mac), most probably accompanied by John Kemble, for this meeting. I think they enjoy the trip as much as we enjoy having them.

Your committee have asked Mac to refocus on bubbles rather than the wider “Festive Wines” from last year. The evening will probably include a blush bubbly and a sticky as festive with straight bubbles filling out the offering.

We don’t have a list of wines at this point but we are sure that the evening will be the usual high level tasting that our November meeting has followed in past years.

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Glancing Back: February 2013


2015-06-17-5580e2558bdd1As expected this was another stellar evening for the Club with an excellent presentation, and some lovely wines, from the Mission Estate.

The tasting included; a Sauvignon Blanc as a quaffer followed by the Fete Sparkling, Reserve Chardonnay, Reserve Pinot Noir, Reserve Syrah, VS Pinot Gris, and was rounded off with a Reserve Noble Harvest.

A great and entertaining meeting with a brilliant turnout of 43 people. There was a good range of wines and Trevor was one of the best presenters the club has had in a while.

An order form was not available on the night but Wayne arranged for it to be emailed out with the club prices, which last for the rest of the month.