2 iconic Central Otago wineries presented by Cenna Lloyd, Negociants

The wines tasted:

  • 2018  Two Paddocks’ Single Vineyard Pinot Rose
  • 2017 Misha’s Cantata Pinot Noir
  • 2018 Two Paddocks’ Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Two Paddocks’ Riesling
  • 2015 Misha’s Limelight Riesling
  • 2019 Misha’s Dress Circle Pinot Gris
  • 2018 Misha’s The Cadenza Late Harvest Gewürztraminer


For the 19 members and 1 guest that attended, this was a great tasting as evidenced by the fact that 101 bottles were ordered, such was the quality and pricing.

The low turnout was a disappointment but upon reflection, there were 3 couples overseas and another 4 people that contacted us beforehand and apologised because of sickness. These were 10 people that almost always attend and that, coupled with other regulars I have since heard were either out of town or sick, probably explains the low turn out. It can happen sometimes.

Cenna began her tasting presentation explaining the locations of Two Paddocks and Misha vineyards and as luck would have it, the wines presented covered the 4 main Central Otago sub-regions of Alexandra, Bannockburn, Gibbston Valley and Bendigo, Not covered was the area around Pisa Moorings or Wanaka.

She went onto explain that the reason for tasting the 2 Pinot Noirs first was so that any residual sweetness in our mouth from the whites would not destroy the delicacy of the 2017 Misha ‘Cantata’ Pinot Noir. All 3 red wines were excellent reflections of their styles but I especially enjoyed the savoury notes each had as compared to the dominate cherry flavours that tend to be more evident in other Central Otago Pinot Noirs.

The surprising wine of the night was Misha’s 2015 ‘Limelight’ Riesling. 4 years on, it still had a bright fresh citrusy flavour, This was a medium style Riesling with 34 grams/litre of residual sugar and I especially liked its delightful lingering finish. It’s hardly surprising to find later that wine writers have given this wine 5 stars. And to the surprise of everyone present, Jenny joyfully announced that she had finally found a white that she liked.

Misha’s 2019 ‘Dress Circle’ Pinot Gris was another of their whites to find great support from members. It had flavours of pear, citrus and spice, This is a very pleasing aromatic wine that will go well with Asian cuisine, which is hardly surprising, given that the owners worked in Asia for 16 years and set out to develop wines that would suit Asian as well as Western foods.

Of the two wineries, my personal favourite was Misha Vineyards with their theatrical named wines. So it was only fitting that the finale for the night was their 2018 ‘The Cadenza’ Late Harvest Gewurztraminer. This medium-sweet wine had aromas of apricot making it an
excellent match with fruit-driven desserts or with soft cheeses. As I said earlier, a great tasting.

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Looking Back – Nov 2014 – Advintage

While numbers were a bit low for this tasting it was never the less a very enjoyable evening.

A supper was arranged for the evening and it was thought that this went well and had a good balance of items with the shortbread with champagne concept working well. The presentation had a good balance between John and Mac with lovely wines presented.

While this was a good evening for those who attended, the committee is conscious that the venue and types of wines presented may be possible causes for the lower than expected turnout. We will be seeking feedback from members about suggested formats for the festive evening at the next AGM – asking what do the club want e.g. higher priced wine versus more affordable wines.

Also we have used Advintage for three years now and it might be time for a change. We will be looking at alternative options for presenters, albeit we have had excellent support from Mac and Advintage.

To recap on the wines, they included:

Bubbles/Champagne; Bubbles by Lobetia, Squawking Magpie SQM Blanc de Blanc Brut, Champagne H.Garnier and Co. Brut NV, and Roederer Vintage 2006/07.
Rose; Aronui Single Vineyard Pinot Rose 2014, and Rockburn Stolen Kiss Pinot Noir Rose
Sweet wines; Buller Fine Old Muscat, Valdespino Pedro Ximenez El Candado

See the Blush, bubbles & stickies – Nov 2014 tasting review.

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Blush, bubbles & stickies – Nov 2014

advintage-logo-headerDate: Wednesday 12 November 2014

Time: 7:45 – 9:45 pm

Venue: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall, 30 Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037 – Directions.

Cost: Members $18 Guests $18

Presenter: Mac (John) Macpherson of Advintage ably supported by John Kemble

An extended supper was provided with wines presented on the night to including:

2014 Aronui Single Vineyard Pinot Rose
2014 Rockburn Stolen Kiss Pinot Noir Rosé

Bubbles & champagne
Bubbles by Lobetia
Squawking Magpie SQM Blanc de Blanc Brut
Champagne H.Garnier and Co. Brut NV
Roederer Vintage 2007

Sweet wines – very cool, different  options, exciting flavours
Buller Fine Old Muscat
Valdespino Pedro Ximenez El Candado

The club would very much like to thank Advintage for their regular participation and generosity at our November tastings over recent years. We would love it if members were able to place orders to make it worthwhile for Mac to make this annual trip to Wellington.

Tasting review

Click image to view more images in the gallery.

Mac and JK’s roadshow was even better than the last two years. The tasting started with a quaffer Bubbles by Lobetia, a refreshing low-priced bubbles with citrus flavours – surprisingly good.

One of the most popular items sold by Advintage is Champagne H.Garnier and Co. Brut NV and Advintage are the only New Zealand provider of this finely beaded tipple with apple and yeasty notes from the wooded chardonnay – very smooth.

We finished the first half of the show with the 2007 Vintage Roederer. Subtle woodiness reinforced lightly toasty and vanilla flavours with a superb rich finish. As Mac says, ‘pay that little bit more and you’ll get that increase in quality you’d expect’ especially when comparing bubbly.

After a great supper we got into the rosé and sweet wines. As Mac says, ‘very cool, different options and exciting flavours’.

The 2014 Rockburn Stolen Kiss Pinot Noir Rosé was just as first remembered it back in 2010, candy-floss aromas with crème-brûlée and strawberry flavours.  The committee provided Christmas pies and biscotti to go with the showstoppers, Buller Fine Old Muscat and Valdespino Pedro Ximenez El Candado.

The muscat, oh what a revelation, raisin notes with a rich intense molasses finish. This is truly a drink for anyone, even beer drinkers would appreciate the fine quality at an affordable price.

One last note. “After a brief hiatus, ‘JK’ has returned to his first love with a vibrant range of Hawkes Bay varietals. John has always made wines ‘with a big bunch of flavour ‘, and much like the man himself, these are generous, outgoing wines – full of character and colour.” – Go to Advintage for Big Bunch Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc.

Thanks to Mac, JK and all the team at Advintage.

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Wrights Crush 2014

Wrights Vineyard and Winery – Crush 2014

The 2014 vintage started at Wrights on 1st February – quite possibly the first grapes in NZ to be harvested. With the increasing demand for low alcohol wines – we are producing a low alcohol pinot gris and pinot rose this vintage -we will keep you posted on the expected release date for these.

As always, we have a family focus, it is all hands on deck for the first pick of the season. At age 2, Luke is proving to be particularly dexterous with secateurs – nothing is safe! Occasionally, he even contributes to the harvest.

The crop is delivered straight into the sparkling new winery. We are excited to have Richard and Rick Alexander on the wine making team this vintage. The Wright boys are always on hand to complete the quality control team on the juice. Our new winery is now set up – well nearly- we have a few jobs yet to do, but here are some photo’s of the set up. It is exciting to move out of the shipping containers and move into something more permanent and waterproof!

Recently, we made the front page of the local rag. A great story about harvest to date – here is the link.

This vintage and with our new vineyard, we have done something thinking outside the square with our increased tonnage – we are producing an organic red and white grape juice through Chantal Organic Wholesalers – these drinks should be on the shelf this month!

With our new premise and revamped cellar door, we have been run off our feet at our cellar door. Fantastic to see our regulars and coverts alike. Our cellar door is now open from Fri – Sun 11am-4pm. Live music every Saturday from 1.30pm. Pop in and enjoy some lovely food, wine and a fantastic relaxing environment – you might even get to taste some fresh juice from the winery!

Welcome to the newsletters newbies. We like to give our supporters a great deal, not available anywhere else. As always we would like to offer you a great deal. This month (until 14 February) you have the opportunity to purchase online 3 bottles of our wine for $60 (excludes reserves). This is the same great deal we offer to our wine club members (includes reserves) every month. If you like it, then join up to become a wine club member. The three bottle deal includes Wrights Chardonnay 2013, Wrights Gewurztraminer 2012, The Natural Wine Co Merlot 2012. Here is the link for this deal.




Geoff, Nicola, Noah, Elijah & Luke Wright

November bubbles 2013

November bubbles 2013: Mac from Advintage with sidekick John Kemble

Date: Wednesday 13 November, 2013

Time: 8.00 pm start

Venue: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall, 30 Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037 – Directions.

Charge: Members $10 Guests $12

John (Mac) Macpherson from Advintage presented for the second year in a row. A change of format in that we are going away from the strictly bubbly theme of previous Novembers, however sticking to the festive theme. Mac was accompanied by John Kemble again which proved to be a lively night.

Look at the line-up. There was something for everyone here.

  • Veuve d’Argent Methode Bur NV
  • Champagne Lanvin Brut NV
  • Champagne Taittinger Brut NV
  • 2013 Lake Chalice Pinot Rose
  • 2012 Te Whare Ra Toru
  • 2012 Allan Scott ‘The Wallops’ Chardonnay
  • 2012 Chapoutier Cotes du Rhone
  • 2011 Two Gates Syrah