40th Anniversary dinner at Bellamy’s by Logan Brown

Turnout For the 40th Anniversary dinner at Bellamy’s by Logan Brown was excellent.

The one thing the Committee was unable to organise was the weather on the day. It was wet and windy which cast doubt on the suggested dress code of “summer wedding”, but by 6 pm the rain had substantially abated and by the time it arrived to go home, it was dry.

The venue proved to be a good choice. Negotiating the security on arrival proved not to be an issue and when guests got to the third floor of the Beehive, Bellamy’s reception and dining areas were spacious, allowing for good pre-dinner mixing over a complimentary glass of bubbles. The tables were well spaced and set very nicely.

The food was of a very high standard as would be expected from a restaurant in the Logan Brown stable. The restaurant staff was very efficient and attentive – it was nigh on impossible to fault the service. The manager, Jasper Povey, had been very accommodating in catering to the Club’s requirements and was also appreciative of what the Club was able to provide (such as the pre-ordering), which proved a winning combination.

Club President, Murray Jaspers, gave a brief address, looking over the Club’s development through the years. He noted how active it is, how its size has been maintained over an extended period and the high regard it enjoys with winemakers and suppliers. He noted too, the contribution of past presidents and committees. Anne Megget proposed a toast to absent friends – those members who are no longer with us and those who were unable to be present on the night.

Through diligent work by Robin Semmens, Gayle Gaukrodger, Anne Megget and Wayne Kennedy a memento gift bag containing a souvenir pen, some souvenir chocolate and a booklet updating the history of the Club was presented to every person present.

Feedback the Committee has received subsequently indicates the evening was much appreciated by all who were there. Good venue, good food, good wine and good company always combine to produce a winner!

Richard Taylor

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40th Anniversary dinner update – Nov 2020

Our 40th Anniversary dinner at Bellamy’s by Logan Brown at the Beehive Wednesday 18th November, 6:30 to 6.45 pm arrival for a 7:30 pm seating.

The first Club meeting was held in the month of November 1980. To recognise that historic milestone, our celebratory dinner will be held at Bellamy’s by Logan Brown at their restaurant in the Beehive.

The Beehive, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Please arrive early as everyone attending has to clear Parliamentary security.

  • Access is through the ground floor of the Beehive, the door being on the side near the steps to Parliament Buildings.
  • On arrival, you will need to go through a security check. You will have to go through a gate – the same as at an airport – so be prepared to empty your pockets into a tray (men) and place your handbag etc in a tray (ladies). Your BYO will need to go through the scanner too!
  • After passing through security proceed to the Reception desk which is on the right at about two o’clock as you come through the electronic gate. Here the receptionists will have been supplied with a list of those attending so will be able to mark you off (if that hasn’t already been done by the security guards at the gate). You will be provided with a lift key that will allow you access to Level 3.
  • On exiting the lift go straight ahead to the large reception area in the restaurant where there will be the customary glass of bubbles, supplied by the Club.
  • You will also find lists shows your seat number and at your table, there will be cards detailing your menu choices, should you need reminding.
  • The dress code is smart casual [think summer wedding]. For women, that’s classy casual and for men, jacket with tie optional.
  • Note, the previously advised seating maximum of eight diners per table has been relaxed for our dinner and we are now confident we can accommodate our more tradition groupings.

So, bring along a favourite bottle of wine and be prepared for a very special occasion.

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A packed future for club events

Future event for the club in late 2020 and into 2021 is packed with a range of presenters and no less than three food and wine events .

  • November 18th – – Our 40th Anniversary dinner at Bellamy’s (run by Logan Brown) at the Beehive

The first Club meeting was held in the month of November. To recognise that historic milestone, a celebratory dinner has been arranged, to be held at Bellamy’s by Logan Brown at their restaurant in the Beehive. This is set down for Wednesday 18 November, so check your diaries for availability.

Details will be sent out shortly, asking for your registration and to make your selection from the accompanying menu. As for any such venue, there will be a limit on numbers which means you should register quickly to secure your place.

The food promises to be of very high quality. So, book your place and go dig around in your wine stocks to find the special bottle (or two) that you think will go best with your selection to bring with you.

Your Committee is excited about this event and is sure you will be too.

  • December 9th –A Fun evening with CoLab, Simon Bell
  • January: BBQ at Derek’s
  • February: Coney’s for the 13th February 2021 – our postponed 40thanniversary outing to the Wairarapa [to include visits to Palliser and
  • March: Hawkesridge Winery (Hawkes Bay)
  • April: Del Mundo – Seaview – TBC
  • May: AGM
  • June: Mahi Wines (Marlborough) – tbc
  • July: Mid-year dinner
  • August: Aussie evening – TBC
  • September: Gordon Russell of Esk Valley
  • October: Sherwood from Waipara – TBC.

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Upcoming events, An invitation

Upcoming events

  • Wednesday 12 August – Victor Kattenbelt of Confidant Wines
  • Wednesday 16 September – Alan Evans and Ageing of quality wines
  • Wednesday 21 October – St Clair Family Estate, Marlborough
  • Wednesday 18 November – Club Anniversary dinner at Bellamy’s (run by Logan Brown)
  • December tbc

An invitation

Now that we’re past the shortest day/longest night of the year for this Equinox, if anyone would like supply a short article about their ‘Drop of the Day’, i.e. their go-to wine for this season, to share with the rest of the Club, please feel free to submit it.

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Looking back on 2016

As ever, I find this a time to reflect on what the year has offered. We had a great day for the BBQ in January. Always a pleasant afternoon for those attending. February saw a tasting with Roberta Montero presenting for the Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago. An interesting and somewhat different approach to winemaking from this group. March was a very successful tasting of Argentinian wines presented by Josefina Telleria from South2South. In April we had Edward Donaldson presenting for Pegasus Bay. The AGM in May passed quickly and members enjoyed some wines from the Club’s cellar before we moved on to June where Foxes Island and  held centre stage. This was a very professional presentation.

Things really got rolling in July with the mid-year dinner at Logan Brown. Some issues around service but otherwise an excellent evening. August was time for Keith Tibble to present an Australian evening, mainly Elderton from the Barossa Valley but included offerings from McLaren Vale and Clare Valley. September was with Gavin Yortt and Squawking Magpie from Hawkes Bay. October was a highlight with Jane Hunter presenting from Marlborough. It was great to get an icon of the NZ wine industry for this event. November completed a somewhat international year with Cangrande doing Italian wines for our festive tasting. Dinner at Muse this month completes our year.

Your committee have been very pleased with the programme and hope everyone found something to enjoy. Have a great Christmas and then we will look to developing 2017 events to match those of the past year.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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Mid-year Dinner – Logan Brown

mid-year-dinner-logan-brown57a812c61dc4641 members and 7 guests attended the dinner at Logan Brown.

It was a good night out for the most part, but there were some issues. Wayne has emailed Steve Logan to give feedback on the issues which were mainly around time between courses and timing between different tables. Steve has replied to say that the main issue was our large booking plus other customers on the night meaning a fullish restaurant.

We accept that there were difficulties with numbers but felt that an establishment such as Logan Brown should have been able to cope, particularly as they knew the numbers up front.

The Allan Scott bubbles were very good value and the food was wonderful but some of the tables were cramped and there was at least a 60-minute wait between courses for some tables. It appears that the Maître D tried to suit everyone by interspersing our orders between orders from other customers. The staff serving at the tables were fine, and Steve assures us that our custom was valued. We may have to give them another chance to redeem themselves.

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Second half of the year – Editor


2016-04-27-57212e0c27865We are coming into a great second half of the year for club members. With the line-up over the next few months including Foxes Island, dinner at Logan Brown, and then Peter Lehmann, Squawking Magpie and Jane Hunter. Phew.

Dinner & subs

There are a couple of attachments to this newsletter. There is a payment advice which includes the June meeting, the July dinner and, it’s that time of year again, subscriptions. Please print off the form and bring it to next week’s tasting. Alternatively, you can arrange payment direct to the Club bank account as set out on the form.

Dinner menu

Also attached is the menu for the July dinner. No point trying to resist it, just come along.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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Pegasus Bay, AGM, Logan Brown

Our journey this month takes us to Waipara and the iconic Pegasus Bay Winery. Pegasus Bay is a top winery from this region, and we are sure this will be another successful event. See you there.

Don’t forget the AGM next month. The meeting will not be onerous and there will be a chance for a little supper and to sample some wines from our cellar. Can we just ask members to be a little
circumspect with the size of their tasting at the AGM. There is only one bottle of each wine and we would like as many people as possible to be able to sample the wines. Thanks.

The July dinner will be held at Logan Brown this year. Something of a coup and we are hoping for a good turn-out. The cost is at the higher end but will be subsidised by the Club, and it will be BYO.

A great night to look forward to.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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