The year in retrospec

Our year

It is usual at this time to review our year. As ever we began with our summer BBQ at the end of January. The usual excellent occasion and thanks to Derek for making his premises available. It is an excellent facility. Our first tasting was the Rosė tasting presented by Will Brunel-Morven from Maison Vauron. Rosės are becoming increasingly popular, particularly as a summer wine.March was the time for Ata Rangi and was followed in April by our Quiz Night. An enjoyable and fun occasion. As usual, May was AGM time, June highlighted Giesen’s Wines and July was dinner at Bistro 52. August had us enjoying Seifried’s offerings and then in September the interesting and unique Aged Wines tasting. October was Stonecroft and last month was the festive tasting of Spanish wines. A great programme which will be nicely rounded off by our December Dinner.

Spanish tasting

It is interesting to note that EuroVintage had great orders from the Spanish tasting, and were blown away by the response. Well done everyone.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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AGM – May 2017

There was a good turnout of 27 at the AGM. Whilst the meeting was not over in the record time set in 2016, there were no contentious issues to deal with. The President gave a very full report in which he referred to the passing of two long-standing members – Maureen Davies and Ron Thomson. The supper after the meeting was enjoyed by all those attending.

The existing Committee were all re-elected. Since the AGM there have been some issues around the need for licences which are being addressed. This has entailed a fair amount of to-ing and fro-ing with WCC as can be imagined. We do not agree entirely with their view but appear to have little option but to fall into line.

Subsequent to the meeting, the Committee noticed there had been a small typographical error in the Notices of Motion. The reference to Clause 2(b) should have read Clause 4(b). To leave it unchanged makes a nonsense of Rule 2(b) so it is the intention of the Committee to implement the change as though Rule 4(b) was always the intention with appropriate advice to all members. There will also be a footnote to this effect in the AGM Minutes so the matter can be ratified at the next AGM.

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AGM – From the Editor

It’s time for our AGM and we are looking forward to a great attendance. Look at the benefits, scintillating company, some nice food, some even nicer wine, and all at no cost to you personally’

The notice is incorporated above and a couple of the supporting documents are attached to the emailed newsletter. Other information will be available at the meeting. No need to bring your tasting glasses, Cellar Club glasses will be available.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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2017, Upcoming events


As always we commenced our festivities for this new year with the BBQ at Derek Thompson’s house. On the agenda for the year we have Ata Rangi, and after the success of the last quiz evening, we have decided to try it again.

Upcoming events

Your committee is working on options for the latter part of the year, but these will include the AGM in May, the mid-year dinner in July and the second dinner in December. As a definite, we have Seifried’s from Nelson booked in for August and other projects. We have found that a downside of arranging tastings too far in advance is that situations can change. These have resulted in late withdrawals necessitating urgent substitutes. We are trying not to work too far in advance. As always, we are happy for input from members on future events and tastings.

Robin Semmens, Editor

Looking back on 2016

As ever, I find this a time to reflect on what the year has offered. We had a great day for the BBQ in January. Always a pleasant afternoon for those attending. February saw a tasting with Roberta Montero presenting for the Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago. An interesting and somewhat different approach to winemaking from this group. March was a very successful tasting of Argentinian wines presented by Josefina Telleria from South2South. In April we had Edward Donaldson presenting for Pegasus Bay. The AGM in May passed quickly and members enjoyed some wines from the Club’s cellar before we moved on to June where Foxes Island and  held centre stage. This was a very professional presentation.

Things really got rolling in July with the mid-year dinner at Logan Brown. Some issues around service but otherwise an excellent evening. August was time for Keith Tibble to present an Australian evening, mainly Elderton from the Barossa Valley but included offerings from McLaren Vale and Clare Valley. September was with Gavin Yortt and Squawking Magpie from Hawkes Bay. October was a highlight with Jane Hunter presenting from Marlborough. It was great to get an icon of the NZ wine industry for this event. November completed a somewhat international year with Cangrande doing Italian wines for our festive tasting. Dinner at Muse this month completes our year.

Your committee have been very pleased with the programme and hope everyone found something to enjoy. Have a great Christmas and then we will look to developing 2017 events to match those of the past year.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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AGM – Looking Back – May 2016

agmNot much to be said about the AGM. I wasn’t there but I am reliably informed that it was completed in record time.

Clearly allowing for more time to be spent on enjoying the wines from the Club’s cellar. On one level, we see this as confirmation that the committee is on the right track and that members generally approve of the programme we arrange.

We would like to welcome Richard Taylor onto the committee. We are sure he will make a valuable contribution to our work.

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AGM – Editor

agmIt’s AGM time so we are looking for a great turnout. See the 2016 agenda and minutes of the 2015 AGM. Other business matters such as Officers Reports will be available at the meeting.

A couple of committee members will not be able to be present but will be there in spirit. Please come along, the meeting will not be onerous and the company will be pleasant.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

agmVenue: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall, 30 Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037 – Directions

Cost: None


Notice of Annual General Meeting to be held at The Johnsonville Community Centre, Directions

Wednesday, 11 May 2016, commencing at 8pm


  1. Apologies
  2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the year 2014/15 held on Wednesday, 13th May 2015
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Financial Report for the Year 2015/16
  5. Membership Report for the Year 2015/16
  6. President’s Report for the Year 2015/16
  7. Notices of Motion
  8. Election of Officers and Committee for the year 2016/17:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Committee
  9. Subscriptions
  10. General Business



At the conclusion of the AGM, supper will be served, accompanied by wines from the Club’s cellar


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AGM – Looking Forward – May 2016

2012-05-AGM-0006The Cellar Club Inc Annual General Meeting will be held as follows:

When: 8pm Wednesday 11 May 2016

Where: Johnsonville Community Centre, Moorefield Road, Wellington

Please give some thought to any proposals you might want to introduce for the meeting, we are happy to take ideas from members about future activities for the Club.

As always members will be provided with a light supper and the opportunity to sample some wines from our cellar after the formal part of the evening. We will send out a formal notice and documents closer to the meeting in accordance with our Club rules.

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Pegasus Bay, AGM, Logan Brown

Our journey this month takes us to Waipara and the iconic Pegasus Bay Winery. Pegasus Bay is a top winery from this region, and we are sure this will be another successful event. See you there.

Don’t forget the AGM next month. The meeting will not be onerous and there will be a chance for a little supper and to sample some wines from our cellar. Can we just ask members to be a little
circumspect with the size of their tasting at the AGM. There is only one bottle of each wine and we would like as many people as possible to be able to sample the wines. Thanks.

The July dinner will be held at Logan Brown this year. Something of a coup and we are hoping for a good turn-out. The cost is at the higher end but will be subsidised by the Club, and it will be BYO.

A great night to look forward to.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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Launching into 2016


Here we go again, launching into 2016 with an interesting and unique tasting. Read about the philosophy of AWCO. The wines will include Rosé, Riesling and Pinot Gris with a mix of Pinot Noir from the different producers. Should be a great night.

We are going to Argentina in March and Pegasus Bay in April leading up to the AGM in May. There are also some interesting tastings in prospect for later in the year.

Another year, another wine (or two).

Robin Semmens, Editor

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2015 in review

Usually, I find this a time to reflect on what the year has offered. Following on from the regular BBQ in January we started off with a few hiccups in our arrangements. Nevertheless, tastings began on a high note in February with Ash Ridge from Hawkes Bay. March saw another late change, but an enjoyable evening was possible with club members presenting wines from our cellar. April allowed Ohau Wines to introduce us to some interesting local wines while May was, of course, our AGM.

Things really got rolling in June with Taylor Brown, who are the NZ agents for Brown Bros and Taylors from Australia. They presented mainly Taylors as we had quite recently shared an evening with Brown Bros. July took us to Bistro 52, WelTec’s training restaurant for our mid-year dinner while August showed the enjoyable wines of the well-established Wairarapa winery, Gladstone. September was a highlight with the iconic Hawkes Bay producer Craggy Range, followed in October with Man O’ War from Waiheke Island. The tasting year finished with festive wines presented by Macvine International.

Your committee are pleased with the programme and hope everyone found something to enjoy.

Only the dinner to go to complete a very successful year. We have had some great tastings in enjoyable company. Unlike Susan Devoy, I am happy to offer my best wishes for the Christmas season.

Robin Semmens, Editor

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