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  • Wine tour woes
    on 18 October, 2020

    Bookings for premium wine tours “vanished” when New Zealand’s borders closed, say operators struggling under Covid-19. “Overseas wine tourists were a huge boost to our economy by generally staying longer and spending more,” reports Phil Parker of Auckland Fine Wine and Food Tours. […]

  • Vintage update
    on 18 October, 2020

    Wine companies, large and small, are grappling with the potential shortage of a reliable labour force for vintage 2021, with borders closed to international workers. While some industry members say that will impact their ability to hand harvest quality wines, and leave wineries short on cellar […]

  • Covid-19 a big hit to small wineries
    on 18 October, 2020

    Losing boutique wineries to Covid-19 would be a blow for New Zealand’s wine industry, say the authors of a new report into challenges for small operators. “We don’t want to be referenced as a one stop shop for large retail brands,” says lead author Alistair King, a wine industry specialist […]

  • Digital juice
    on 18 October, 2020

    Covid-19, e-commerce and the risk of digital debt. Polly Hammond found an unexpected ally in Covid-19, after five years dragging wine into a digital landscape. Locked down in Barcelona, where her daughter is at university, the 5Forest founder was inundated by requests from wine companies […]

  • Changes afoot for freshwater management
    on 27 September, 2020

    There have been some changes to watch in the freshwater policy space. Recent amendments have been made to the Resource Management Act (RMA) on 30 June to establish a new “freshwater planning process”, and put in place new requirements to prepare “freshwater farm plans”.Related […]

  • Strada Sphere
    on 16 September, 2020

    Linking Kiwi wines with US palates. David Strada clearly recalls the moment he was asked which part of Australia New Zealand was in, “and my chin hit the table”. It was 1998, the US market was worth a couple of hundred thousand cases of New Zealand wine a year, and the San Francisco-based New […]

  • New agreement strengthens wine training and research
    on 30 August, 2020

    A new agreement between wine education and science providers “paves the way” for research and collaboration, say those behind the move. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will see the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) in Hawke’s Bay, Otago Polytechnic, and the Nelson Marlborough […]

  • Short cuts
    on 19 June, 2020

    Labour constraints have put pressure on pruning this season, with experienced crews of Recognised Seasonal Employer workers shut out by border closures. However, past research trials are giving vineyard operators confidence to adapt pruning timeframes and systems, says Bragato Research Institute […]

  • Hundreds of workers stranded
    on 17 June, 2020

    Hundreds of Pacific Islanders stranded in Central Otago during the Covid-19 lockdown may be facing a long wait until they can safely return home. In March and April this year, there were around 700 Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme (RSE) workers from the Pacific Islands in the region for jobs in […]

  • Sensory science
    on 7 May, 2020

    “Aged wine” may have an alternative meaning in future, as researchers learn more about how individuals process and perceive aromas while tasting wines. María Pérez Jiménez, a PhD student from Spain, is now collaborating with Plant & Food Research (PFR) scientists Drs Farhana Pinu and […]



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