RULE 3 Membership

(a) Those eligible for membership of the Club shall be persons over the age of eighteen (18) who have stated their intention to further their interests and knowledge of wines and shall have submitted the appropriate application form.

(b) Persons on being accepted for membership by the Executive of the Club must become financial within two months of being notified of this acceptance.

(c) A financial member shall be one who complies with Rule 3(b) and who subsequently renews their annual subscription as required. Such a member who complies with this clause shall be deemed to be a member in good standing.

(d) Visitors to the Club may not attend more than two tasting meetings in any one financial year without becoming financial members of the Club.

(e) Members in good standing of any other affiliated or similar Club may enjoy the privileges of the Cellar Club at the discretion of the Executive.

(f) Upon application to the Committee, a member may be permitted leave of absence or absentee membership upon terms fixed entirely on the Committee’s discretion.

(g) Cessation of membership. Members in good standing shall be deemed to have ceased membership when they have submitted their resignation in writing to the Committee. Members who are not in good standing shall be deemed to have ceased membership when 14 days have elapsed since they have received in writing advice of the state of their membership.

(h) The status of life membership may be granted to any member of good standing after a notice of motion has been considered and approved to that effect at an AGM or Special General Meeting of the Club.

(i) The Committee shall have absolute power to discipline members or rescind membership for behaviour which is considered detrimental to the interests of the Club.

(j) In respect of the foregoing clauses a 75% majority vote of the full Committee shall be required.


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