Bastille Day at La Marché Francais

The evening was a splendid celebration of mid-winter for the Club and also of Bastille Day for the venue and their French staff. The atmosphere and service were excellent and enjoyed by all.

We had a selection of three entrees’ each with the soup being served in a demitasse cup, with a small serving of quiche and a separate salad.

For the mains, people had a selection from Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Champenoise, or Whaherou Cerole – all were served with veggies and were very tasty.

For the dessert we each had a trio of petite fours’: lemon pie with meringue on top, a macaron and a lemon Brulee served in a spoon.

Your committee has sent a special note of thanks on behalf of everyone present to Chef Vero and her staff for staging a very enjoyable dinner indeed.

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