Day trip to the Wairarapa – 21 March 2020

Palliser Estate Wines
grava Martinborough
Alana Wines
Coney Wines

This is a full-day excursion, leaving Wellington Railway Station at 9.55 am and arriving back at 6.30 pm.

Details of train and bus connections, and any costs that that might entail, are included below. The day begins with tastings from the above three wineries. “grava” and Alana shares a cellar door. Not too much I can say about this, but see below for the timetable and expectations for the day, and tasting notes. A day full of fine wine and camaraderie. What more could you ask for?

40th Anniversary Trip to Martinborough, 21st March 2020

Important things to know for our Wairarapa wine tastings

Grava & Alana Tasting notes

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